Construction and effective utilization of biometric Big Data.
Mechanism for new co-creation as the Hub of talents and assets.
Corundum Systems Biology takes on a challenge to create and guide the new era for the human race.


To serve as the Innovation-Hub where the world’s best knowledge and intelligence on life science research is assembled to create innovations for the future of the human race through the approach that perceives the complexity of the human body as a system.

Further, to revitalize Japan through creation of new industries as the Hub to connect Japan’s industry-academia-government activities, conducted in the hope of becoming the scientific and technological nation, with global innovation eco-systems.


Name Corundum Systems Biology Inc.
Established April 30, 2020
Management Team
CEO Hidehiko Otake
Executive Director Yasushi Yamamoto
Executive Director Yasunobu Tanaka
Auditor Kenji Takeda
Advisor Eran Segal
Address 1-14-5-N711, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Business domain Develop new businesses in the field of microbiome
Develop biometric database related to microbiome
Support R&D related to microbiome