A Statement from Corundum System Biology Inc. in Advance of the International Human Microbiome Consortium Congress


August 16, 2022 — The following is a statement from Hidehiko Otake, CEO of Corundum Systems Biology Inc., which in support of the upcoming IHMC 2022 Kobe (https://ihmc2022.jp/index.html)  is Diamond Plus Sponsor.  

“In November 2022, the International Human Microbiome Consortium (IHMC) will hold its ninth International Human Microbiome Consortium congress in Japan.  We are pleased to be participating in this event as a Diamond Plus Sponsor.

“The IHMC was established in 2007 for the purpose of promoting international collaboration of comprehensive and disciplined microbiome research.  It launched the first IHMC Congress in 2008, bringing together through the conference series researchers from all around the world and creating a venue for sharing and discussing the latest results in microbiome research. 

“This year, the congress will be held in Kobe City, for 3 days starting November 8.   Masahira Hattori, Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo and Senior Reacher at RIKEN and Waseda University, will be chair.   

“We are truly excited that this event will take place in Japan.  The best scientific minds in the microbiome field will come together in this country, to deepen the links and networks vital among research of promise conducted around the world and as well as in Japan.   The exchange will open doors for new directions and discoveries for those studying the relationship between microbiome and human health.

“To solidify our expectations, we have sought cooperation with the IHMC in the establishment of the ‘Corundum Systems Biology Award’ at IHMC 2022 Kobe.   Cash awards will be presented to researchers who have achieved outstanding and concrete results in the microbiome field to merit society.

“Applications for the Award are open to all participants of IHMC 2022 Kobe.  The deadline for application submission is arriving fast, August 31, and information can be found on the IHMC 2022 Kobe website, at https://ihmc2022.jp/general_information.html.

“On behalf of Corundum Systems Biology, let me say it is our sincere hope that sustained support of microbiome research will expand opportunities for scientific discoveries, exciting start-up companies, and new businesses.  Ultimately all of this will contribute to our shared goal of improving human health and quality of life.

“Thank you for your continued interest in our activities in fostering the field of microbiome.”

* * *

Note:  As a Diamond Plus sponsor at IHMC 2022 Kobe, Corundum Systems Biology will also sponsor two discussion sessions on gut-brain axis and human phenotype data. 

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About Corundum Systems Biology Inc.

Corundum Systems Biology aspires to become an Innovation Hub in the field of microbiome, a critical field with potential to unlock next-generation life science technologies and bettering human health and quality of life. The company, based in Japan, focuses on the field of microbiome in three business areas: development of new business, development of biometric database and data analysis platforms, and grant- giving to facilitate and hasten R&D. World renowned microbiome scientist Professor Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science serves on its Scientific Advisory Board. Corundum Systems Biology was established in Tokyo in April 2020. Hidehiko Otake serves as its CEO. (https://www.csb.co.jp/)