On OIST’s Global Bioconvergence Center of Innovation


November 2, 2022 — Corundum Systems Biology Inc. congratulates the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) for its putting in motion the realization of a Global Bioconvergence Center of Innovation, an exciting R&D platform on campus that will drive discoveries in interdisciplinary synergies between life, biomedicine, marine sciences, engineering, and artificial intelligence.  The platform will be supported by a grant the institution recently received from the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s  JST (Japan Science and Technology) Program on Open Innovation Platform for Academia-Industry Co-Creation (COI-NEXT).  

“The Center will be a truly world-class intersection driving scientists and innovators across academia, government and industry to collaborate on exciting R&D projects,” says Corundum Systems Biology’s CEO Hidehiko Otake.  “Above all, we are pleased that Corundum Systems Biology’s joint project with OIST, led by Professor (Adjunct) Hiroaki Kitano, to establish a fully automated lab system for multi-omics and microbiome analysis will be among its first R&D undertakings.”  

For details on OIST’s grant from the Japan Science and Technology Agency and its new Global Bioconvergence Center, announced on October 28, see https://www.oist.jp/news-center/press-releases/new-center-innovation-oist.  The OIST-Corundum joint program was announced in April 25, 2022: https://www.csb.co.jp/archives/60977.