Japan Company Launches a €20 Million Fund in Microbiome Weizmann Institute’s Professor Eran Segal Joins Its Scientific Advisory Board


Tokyo, July 30, 2020 — Corundum Innovation Co. Ltd., a Japan-based company that brings together Japanese companies and high-tech start-ups through open innovation, and Corundum Systems Biology Inc., established in April this year to facilitate microbiome research and business creation, jointly announce the launch of Corundum Systems Biology SCSp (“Corundum I Fund”). The €20 million (approximately JPY2.4 billion) Corundum I Fund was established in Luxembourg by Corundum Innovation.

Professor Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science has joined the Fund’s Scientific Advisory Board, marking the first ever involvement in venture fund activities of this world-renowned microbiome researcher and expert.

Optimizing the best knowledge and experience sourced from close cooperation among top scientists and venture capitalists, Corundum I Fund will invest in seed-stage companies focused on microbiome. Corundum Systems Biology (Luxembourg) S.a`r.l, a fund management company established in Luxembourg, will manage the Fund.
In Japan, Corundum Systems Biology Inc., will work with the Fund to accelerate business development. Established on April 30, 2020 in Japan, the company has three key business focus:

  • Develop biometric database and data analysis platform related to microbiome
  • Develop new businesses in the field of microbiome
  • Support facilitation and hastening of R&D related to microbiome

“Microbiome has vast potential to lead to clarification of disease mechanisms for which, with progress in research, new treatments are becoming increasingly known,” explains Hidehiko Otake, CEO of Corundum Systems Biology Inc. “One such area is brain-gut interaction. That said, given the complexity involving immune systems and metabolites, there are still many areas that have yet to be elucidated. The number of specialists as well as the number of bio-ventures in this field is very limited.

“The Corundum Systems Biology SCSp Fund will play an important role in our own effort to develop foundations that facilitate microbiome research and business creation,” he said. “Our mission at Corundum Systems Biology Inc. is the creation of new innovations through investment in ventures related to microbiome both inside and outside of Japan, development of AI algorithm based on the concept of systems biology, and proactive cooperation with domestic and overseas universities and research institutes.”

Professor Segal also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Corundum Systems Biology Inc.

Contact: marketing@csb.co.jp
Public Relations, Corundum Systems Biology Inc.